Alli and Phillip

The Alger House
New York City

Alli and Phillip stumbled across my work because of The Tintype Recordings, a personal music video project of mine. When the work I make for fun in my spare time is what grabs someones attention, it always ends up being a great working relationship. Right off the bat, you know they're going to trust your artistic eye. Leading up to the wedding, they told me, "Really, just do your thing."

Aside from that, Alli and Phillip's family and friends were so welcoming from the get go. From their Jack and Jill clam bake, to the interviews we did in the basement of Kiwiana, a killer New Zealand restaurant in NYC, I always felt right at home with everyone.

This was the first wedding I've done in NYC, and I now realize why Uber is such a beautiful thing. I really loved how the people of NYC, and the city itself interact with the photographs here. At one point, we went outside to shoot some portraits. We came across an ivy covered stoop and decided to go for it. Turns out, it was home to chef Michael Symon. His wife was actually just coming home as we started to shoot. It was a little awkward at first, and we suggested going somewhere else, but she was so happy to let us grab a few shots while we were there. As we were walking back to the venue, we heard someone call us back. We turned around to see Chef Symon and his wife standing on their front steps waiting with a gift for Alli and Phillip.

Bravo, New York.

Second Shooter | Nick Benson

Assistant | Becky Woodford